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Titans Music Association
Volunteer Opportunities
♫ The TMA is an entirely volunteer organization. We are all parents, just like you, who take a little extra time here and there to help out and make sure our students are getting the most out of the music program. We're proud to say that the Band, Chorus, and Color Guard are a family, with students finding support from the time they enter as Freshman struggling to find their place to the time we sadly send them off as graduating Seniors. The experience that they get through this music program is amazing and life-altering, and it would not be possible without the help and support of volunteers like you. Being a TMA volunteer can be a big or small commitment; whatever you have to offer, there are opportunities for it to make a difference - so don't be afraid to get involved! A great way to start is to come to our monthly meetings (all are welcome), sign up for our mailing list, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator to ask what help is needed for upcoming events. ♫

♫ Here are some examples of ways you can help the music department directly...
Band/Color Guard
(Marching Season)
♪ Uniform fitting & hemming
♪ Clerical duties (copying & stapling)
♪ Band camp help
♪ Chaperones for football
games & parades
♪ Loading and unloading equipment

Band (Concert Season)
♪ Clerical duties
♪ Chaperones for field
trips/music events

♪ Performance attire fitting & alterations
♪ Chaperones for field
trips/music events
♪ Host families (when the Young Americans tour comes around)
♪ Clerical duties

♫ The TMA helps coordinate these volunteer activities. In addition, the TMA has various operating committees to help conduct its business:​
♪ Band/Chorus Camp
♪ Events (e.g. Gala, Senior Night)
♪ Refreshments/Concessions
♪ Nominating
♪ Public Relations
♪ Chaperone
♪ Fundraising
♪ Scholarships
Your willingness to help with any of these committees will be appreciated, and your participation gives you a voice in helping shape the program to best support your students. With so many ways to help, the skills you possess - whatever they are, and whatever time commitment you can make to share them - go a long way to help our students reach their potential.​ ♫
​♫ Throughout the year the NHSN Music Department and the TMA provide students in the program with many opportunities to fundraise. Some of these fundraising events are split, supporting the TMA budget (so we can in turn continue to support the students and the music program), while also allowing the students to earn Points. Others are solely opportunities for the students to earn Points, to help offset some of the costs of the programs they participate in. One Point is equivalent to $1. Participation is optional, but we can't stress enough the importance of this, proactive students who take advantage of these opportunities can, and have, saved themselves and their families significant money and even fully covered the cost of the biannual field trip just through accumulating Points! ♫

♫ Curious what your student has for points? Email the Points Coordinator at info@titansmusic.org to inquire. The Band and Chorus Directors can also view this information if students ask. ♫ 

♫ We are a non-profit organization so it is important to note all monies raised in fundraising go to support the music program and are never for personal benefit. Points earned in this process can only be used for expenses related to the music program - for example dues, event fees, spirit wear, and most importantly the biannual field trip, which is usually several hundred dollars. Unused Points when a Senior graduates may be passed to a younger sibling, or will be absorbed into the TMA general budget. Please see the FAQ document below for more detail. ♫

♫ Each year, the TMA offers scholarships to graduating Seniors in the music program. This is a good example of how the money we've raised is put to good use, supporting our students as they prepare for the next phase of their lives. It's also great feedback, hearing - through their application essays - how music has enriched these students' lives reminds us of the importance of the support we provide. Applications this year are due to the NHSN Guidance Department by May 4th. Winners will be announced at the school's Scholarships and Awards Night in June. Scholarships are then applied to the following year's college tuition. ♫